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baby bibs

Wonderfully soft, these bibs can be used over and over again and still look great. Made of 100% food-grade BPA free silicone, these bibs are stylish and extremely functional. All styles are stain resistant, dishwasher safe and have a built-in crumb catcher.

(image credits: Make My Day)

client / 

Make My Day, USA


role / 

design baby bibs

make my day-bib-swan-Linn Behrendt.png
make my day-bib-swan-packagin-Linn Behre
make my day-bib-boats-Linn Behrendt.png
make my day-bib-boats-packaging-Linn Beh
make my day-bib-whale-Linn Behrendt.png
make my day-bib-whale-packaging-Linn Beh
make my day-bib-octopus-Linn
make my day-bib-octopus-packaging-Linn B
make my day-bib-butterfly-Linn Behrendt.
make my day-bib-butterfly-packaging-Linn
make my day-bib-ice cream-Linn Behrendt.
make my day-bib-ice cream-packaging-Linn
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