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collection of textiles
& bedding accessories

client / 

Paidi, Germany


role / 

illustrations for bunk bed curtains

Textiles and accessories designed for the German brand Paidi. Friendly jungle friends, cute bugs, a slightly snobby zebra and a sleepy leopard surrounded by an array of jungle leaves, trees, flowers and berries.

2019-01-19 11.47.17.jpg
2019-01-19 11.43.14.jpg
2019-01-19 11.41.52.jpg
2019-01-19 11.40.58.jpg
2019-01-19 11.42.37.jpg
2019-01-19 11.41.35.jpg
2019-01-19 11.44.01.jpg
2019-01-19 11.40.08.jpg
2019-01-19 11.37.33.jpg
2019-01-19 11.39.28.jpg
2019-01-19 11.39.20.jpg
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