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baby textiles

Elephants, girafes and foxes on cotton baby cloths.

client / 

Baby Care, China


role / 

design for baby textiles

Clevere Kids-Mulltuch-Elefanten-elephants-baby cloth-Linn Behrendt.jpg
Clevere Kids-Mulltuch-baby cloth-Elephan
Clevere Kids-Mulltuch-baby cloth-Giraffe
Clevere Kids-Mulltuch-baby cloth-Fox-Fuc
Clevere Kids-Elephants-Elefanten-blue-blau-Linn Behrendt.png
Clevere Kids-Elephants-Elefanten-gelb-yellow-Linn Behrendt.png
Clevere Kids-Giraffe-Giraf-blue-Linn Behrendt.png
Clevere Kids-Giraffe-Giraf-Linn Behrendt.png
Clevere Kids-Fox-Fuchs-Linn Behrendt.png
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