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A small family of diaper designs for Abby & Finn: Berries, Pinwheels, Sea Life & Octopus. There are
no harmful chemicals or substances put in the diapers plus with each monthly box subscription, Abby & Finn donates a diaper a day to families in need. That means with every box, they are donating 30 diapers in the U.S. (image credits: Abby & Finn)

client / 

Abby & Finn, USA


role / 

design diapers

Abby&Finn-diaper04-Linn Behrendt.png
Abby+Finn diapers-Linn Behrendt-design-8.png
Abby&Finn-bibs 2-Linn Behrendt.png
Abby+Finn diapers-Linn Behrendt-design-11.png
Abby+Finn diapers-Linn Behrendt-design-9.png
Abby&Finn-diaper02-Linn Behrendt.png
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